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I am extremely proud to announce that Big Lou's Organic Onion Sauces have been accepted by KeHE, one of the Nations largest distributors of organic and quality food products.


The process took well over 12 months and included sending samples, Zoom conferences, and, finally the issuing of our KeHE Enterprise Number and full access to KeHE.Connect, KeHE's  digital platform,  for Big Lou's Organic Spreads.

We are planning on rolling out the product early 2021, starting with three of KeHE's DC's, 2 in the NE and a 3rd in South Florida. Additionally we will place the new product introduction in KeHE's new product announcement digital platform, KeHE NEW, that is sent to their 40,000+ retailers.

This is EXCITING !! Check back to watch the progress of the product release.

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